Sunday, June 21, 2015

Exclusive Soft Opening Hajime Ramen

Calling all ramen lovers, The Origin Hajime "The first steak ramen in Indonesia" is opening for public in Jakarta today 21st June 2015. Thank you for the opportunity to attend "Exclusive Soft Opening Hajimen Ramen" with fellow foodies and Alchemy Creative Communication yesterday. The rapidly grow for Japanese Restaurant in Jakarta and Tangerang is really fast. One of the reasons why Japanese restaurant very fast growth is more and more people who love Japanese cuisine, this is seen by employers as an opportunity to build a Japanese restaurant business in Indonesia. PT. Mitra Hajime Sejahtera, who bring Hajime Ramen to satisfy fans of Japanese cuisine, specially ramen, in Indonesia. 

Hajime ramen comes from Tokyo, found by Chef Uchida Gen in 2009. He is the first one who create steak ramen at Tokyo. Hajime Ramen won "Tokyo Ramen of The Year" in 2010 and 2011. People known well Hajime Ramen with light soup which use Mongolian salt as the most important ingredient of the ramen soup. As a new Japanese ramen restaurant who serve steak ramen, Hajime will bring the experience  and new sensation for ramen lovers in Indonesia through  the best quality of ramen are homemade thin noodle , the innovative ramen sizzling hot plate, clear soup ramen with grilled sirloin steak as the topping, no pork and no lard. I like ambience here, almost of them made from wood and Japanese atmosphere is felt. Don't worry if your gadget is lowbat, they have prepared eletric socket under your sofa seat. The room is divided into two, the front side as smoking room and inside as non smoking room. The open kitchen concept is really great, customer can see directly the ways of making homemade ramen while wait their food are ready to serve. 

Head Chef - Uramoto Shigetoshi ( left ) and Sous Chef - Sato Toshihiko (right )
They let us to come in their kitchen , to see the ways of making ramen and ramen soup. The room which use to make the noodles should be at room temperature around 17 until 18 degrees Celcius. Room for make and cook the noodles are separated with glass, they want to let us know the ramen soup is made only from beef and chicken. They sell instant Hajime ramen in cup too as a reward from winning as Tokyo Ramen of The Year.

First, they serve us with drinks and i choose Cold Matcha ( refill IDR 10 K ) and Orange Jelly ( IDR 28 K ) 

As the appetizer , they have prepared for us Grilled Chicken Salad, Gyoza and Beef Salad. I will explain one by one.

Grilled Chicken Salad ( IDR 48 K )

Totally i am in love with grilled chicken, i like how the way they grilled the chicken and it taste really juicy and the spice is really felt. Fresh vegetables, tomato and mustard greens with boneless grilled chicken and stirred with homemade dressing. 

Beef Salad ( IDR 58 K )

All of beef menu use Australian Sirloin Steak grade A , i like these beef salad with fresh vegetables too but i prefer medium well steak and a little bit warm because i like warm / hot food rather than cold food. 

 Gyoza ( ID 38 K / 5 pieces )

Gyoza is one of the my favourite street food, usually some restaurant use pork but in Hajime they use chicken meat as the filling. It seems no less tasty with other gyoza and it's not too greasy, gyoza is the best side dish for ramen.

For the main course we can choose by ourselves , so we chosen all the ramen menu but unfortunately Beef Shoyu Ramen wasn't ready to serve. 

Hot Plate Chicken "Hajime" ( IDR 68 K )

This is my first experience to eat ramen in hot plate, i felt so excited. They constantly season and grilled the chicken really well, it taste same like Grilled Chicken Salad. The texture of the ramen is quite chewy, more thick and it's totally different from the other ramen restaurant. At the first look like udon noodles, i like the texture of this noodle and i suggest to eat quickly after being serve, stir and dip into the soup. This is a unique way how to eat the noodle, and the chicken broth soup is so light, clear and i can feel the pepper. 

Hot Plate Beef "Hajime" ( IDR 88 K )

For this dish, they use Premium Australian Sirloin Steak as the toppings serve with hot plate and beef broth soup. Stir and dip into the pure beef soup, so you can feel the rich taste of beef in the soup. You can choose medium rare, medium well or well done to your steak, i like medium well steak. The price and the food are worth it, where you can feel ramen steak with only IDR 88K , it's only here. The soup for chicken and beef ramen is different.

Beef Ramen "Hajime" ( IDR 88 K )

Now, this is Beef Ramen Hajime with premium beef steak, long bamboo stick and pure beef broth. For beef ramen they use curly homemade noodle , basically i prefer food that has a soup than fried food. The soup is rich taste of beef and i like it, they are serve only two soup , beef or chicken. Both of them have different taste , you should try them. Standard beef for all beef dish are premium Australian sirloin beef. 

Chicken Ramen "Hajime" ( IDR 68 K )

This is Chicken Ramen with grilled chicken , long bamboo stick, half boiled egg  and 100% pure chicken broth. We didn't get the half boiled egg, but it's not a big deal because i still like this with or without egg. 

Mochi Ice Cream 

Last one, this is Mochi Ice Cream. Dessert is really important after you eat main course, i am one of dessert lovers. I try this green tea mochi ice cream, i love this one. Ice cream filling inside and chocolate on top is delicious and the composition is exactly right. For one flavour IDR 28 K and three flavours IDR 78 K. 

They open for public start from today 21st June 2015, come and try the first ramen steak in Indonesia. In addition, they aren't not only sell ramen, but they have Donburi and Curry. They have kids meal with doraemo theme ( IDR 48 K ) for family who bring their children, For all moslem friends, you can break your fasting with these delicious ramen. Congratulation !!

Direction :
Ruko Elang Laut blok C 19 - 20
Pantai Indah Kapuk - North Jakarta
Phone : (021) 22510098
#hajimeramenhouse @hajimeramenhouse

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission

Saturday, April 18, 2015

[NEW MENU] Kakuni by IPPUDO Indonesia

Finally, Kakuni is ready to serve at Ippudo Indonesia, Pacific Place Jakarta. I joined their new menu tasting on 29th March 2015 with Openrice Indonesia Gathering and so sorry i'm late to review about this fantastic Kakuni. What i love the most about Ippudo is the tender and tasty pork. I like the interior design in here especially the white and red bowl on the wall. I was introduced to Amanda as Marketing Manager and Mr. Miyazaki from Japan. They teach us about how to eat ramen and answer our questions, the are very humble.

On that time, Ippudo gave us Seasonal Chef Special. Here there are :

Kushi Katsu

Kushi katsu is also known as Kushiage, In Japanese, kushi means skewer and katsu means a deep fried cutlet of meat. This is a Pork Kushi Katsu, prefer to eat when still hot.

Deep Fried Squid with Nori 

This is my favourite of course, the squid texture is tender and the flavor of nori is make this dish as a champion. This served with mayonaise and lemon.

Hot Potato Salad

The ingredients are brocoli, potato, cheese and tobiko. I love the brocoli inside and melted cheese on top. I'll try to make this hot potato salad to be my breakfast.

They introduce to us about the new menu of Kakuni which release on this April exactly two weeks ago. They are Shiromaru Kakuni, Karaka Kakuni and Akamaru Kakuni. The first one is Shiromaru Kakuni, when the waiter served this on the table, i am very happy because the pork is very big and looks tasty. For people who don't like spicy, this one is very recommended. Rich, creamy and delicious are the three words about this dish.

Second one is Akamaru Kakuni, Aka is means red and Maru means circle. Yes, this one is served with a red big bowl with a very tempting pork belly on top and miso sauce so the soup is not as white as Shiromaru.

The last one is Karaka Kakuni, this hot and spicy ramen is perfect for a heavy dinner. The portion is very big and the pork belly is also big too, i think is a portion of two. I choose hard noodle, spicy flavor in Japanese is not spicy as Indonesian people, some of us prefer to give additional Indonesian chili to make the spicy comes out. I really enjoy the three kind of ramen.

Thank you to Openrice for the invitation and thank you to Ippudo for your hospitality, i will come back for sure with my family to enjoy the Kakuni menu.

Direction :
Pacific Place 5th Floor.  Unit 5.37 SCBD
Jl. Jend. Sudirman Kav. 52-53 Jakarta Selatan
Jakarta, Indonesia 12190
Phone : (021) 57973339
Opening hours : 11.00 AM - 10.00 PM
#ippudoindonesia @ippudoindonesia

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Roba Yakitori

Roba Yakitori is the newest Japanese restaurant in Jakarta, under the same group with Pancious. Roba Yakitori is located at Mall Taman Anggrek, beside Pancious outlet which just open on 2nd February. Yakitori is a japanese food with meat or vegetables on a skewer.  Roba Yakitori is a Japanese food restaurant with fast casual dining concept.

Customers entering the front door and immediately queued in line, take the tray that has been available, choose foods that will be cooked and drinks on a piece of paper, and pay at the cashier. If you choose to drink cold or hot ocha, the waiter will give you a glass and you can take yourself in the space provided.

I think there are enough for interior design, There are so pretty, aren't they? Let's go to their dishes that aren't less interesting.


Shitake is an mushroom in East Asia which is cultivated and consume in many Asian countries. You can choose this shitake in teriyaki or katsu. I prefer shitake katsu than teriyaki, but both of them are so delicious. Shitake teriyaki IDR 18 K and Shitake Katsu IDR 22 K each skewer.


Salmon Wasabi Butter is the name of that dish above, IDR 32 K / skewers. The salmon is so fresh but because i don't like wasabi, i don't really like this. For the wasabi lovers, this dish is recommend to try.

Chicken Ball 

Chicken Ball Teriyaki IDR 15 K / skewer, i really like this and when the teriyaki sauce is more i would be more like this. One skewer is not enough.

Eggplant and Pumpkin

I don't like vegetables so much, so i didn't try this pumpkin and eggplant. For vegetables lovers, you must try it to find out. Pumpkin is cooked with garlic sauce and its called Pumpkin Garlic Mirin IDR 12 K / skewer. Eggplant is cooked with teriyaki sauce IDR 12 K / skewer.

Beef Letuce and Beef Enoki

I don't know what to say about this dish, i'm totally love it. There are one of my favourite dishes around here. You can taste enoki, beef and teriyaki sauce are melt together in your mouth. Beef Enoki Teriyaki IDR 22 K / skewer , Beef Lettuce Teriyaki IDR 22 K / skewer and they have Beef Asparagus Teriyaki too IDR 28 K / skewer.


Saba is widely caught in the sea near Japan. I like this Saba Teriyaki IDR 30 K /skewer because the taste is so good and it's not fishy. 


Chicken Leg Miso and Chicken Breast Miso are my most favourite dish, i like that miso sauce. That taste is sweet and savory. Their price are 15 K / skewer. They also have Chicken Breast Garlic Mirin IDR 15 K / skewer, i don't like this one because the garlic flavor is too strong for me ( i don't like garlic ) . I am a chicken lovers, don't forget to try this Chicken Miso when you eat at this restaurant.

Yakitori Bento 3A ( chicken leg miso, chicken ball teriyaki and chicken skin shio ) IDR 62 K

Yakitori Bento 2 B ( chicken leg miso and chicken breast teriyaki ) IDR 52K

Salmon Head Teriyaki IDR 50 K

Banana Katsu IDR 15 K / skewer

Inari Kani Mayo IDR 22 K

Salad & Appetizer

There is always space for dessert, right?  Don't forget to try this Matcha Soft Ice Cream and it cost 16 K. The waffle and matcha ice cream are totally perfect for dessert.

Overall, i'm totally like this and recommend Roba Yakitori to all of you who loves Japanese food. Thank you so much for your hospitality and good luck. Congratulation for your grand opening !!

Direction : 

Mall Taman Anggrek level 3 #301
West Jakarta - Indonesia
Delivery order : 0833 800 800 80

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission