Sunday, August 31, 2014

ABCD Coffee

Pasar Santa is the it place !!

#ngopidipasar is a popular hashtag nowadays in instagram. Coffeeshop is really happening lately, most of them are cafe-concept with good ambience inside but this new place is so different. They are the pioneers #ngopidipasar , the young style people today. This is an innovation style of coffee in traditional market. 
Yes, A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers ( ABCD Coffee ) is a place that gives a new style of drinking coffee. That new style is drinking coffee in the market, Pasar Santa is the basecamp of ABCD coffee. ABCD coffee is a school of coffee, a playground, a workshop, a pop-up coffee bar and a kiosk in Pasar Santa. This place is so traditional, NO air conditioner, NO wi-fi and limited seat. This is a new experience for me, because i never drink coffee in the market before. This is really interesting, so i came here yesterday and my first impression was awesome. They can change a market into a coffee shop market with their cool style. The taste of their coffee was so good, they have variant coffee until matcha latte. Many people ordered Filtered and Latte yesterday. They were brewing so busy because the guest are too crowded.

They said is not pay as you like but it is about appreciation. There is no pricelist and no place like this, you drink first and if you satisfied about their coffee, put your money into the Red Tip Jar in front of the counter.

 The rules in ABCD coffee are :
1. Please do not smoke around our coffee bar
2. Please keep Pasar Santa clean
3. Our baristas and helper are all volunteers. Thank you for returning the cups / glasses

Upper Pasar Santa is being the it place in Jakarta. Many stores were open around ABCD coffee dan many stores will open soon in here. Accross ABCD Coffee, there is Bear&Co coffee. The best outfit to come here is t-shirt, short and flip-flops / flats shoes. They have school of coffee too, for registration please contact here . Try this one and don't be afraid to sweat. So proud of you guys !!

Direction :
A Bunch of Caffeine Dealers
Pasar Santa AL.01-BKS #77-79
Jl. Cipaku 1 , South Jakarta - Indonesia
Follow instagram @ABCD_COFFEE for more information

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission

Saturday, August 30, 2014

Sushi Masa


Do you love japanese food especially sushi? If you do, you must come to this Japanese Restaurant in North Jakarta. Many people talk about this restaurant, the restaurant name is Sushi Masa. Sushi Masa is located in Muara Baru, close to the fish auction market. This place is pretty hard to find but their seafood are so fresh such as salmon, tuna, and oyster .The price and the taste is so worth it. Don't forget to booked your seat before you come to Sushi Masa. The price range is rather middle to upper, some of them range in 200 K - 600K but some of them in start from 20 K / piece. This restaurant is suitable for  family restaurant, the quality of their food are guaranteed. Sushi sashimi is their speciality.

Here is the direction to Sushi Masa :

Sushi Masa

Jl. Tuna Raya no. 5 
Grey Building 3th Floor
Muara Baru Ujung, Pelabuhan Perikanan
North Jakarta, Indonesia 14440
Ph : +62-21-29263561
Opening hours :
11.30 AM - 02.00 PM ( Lunch )
06.00 PM - 10.00 PM ( Dinner )

Note : From Heaven Funeral Home ( your left side ) just go straight, then turn left just follow the road path after that u-turn in the first turn - turn left into the direction to Muara Baru - just go straight  ( follow the road path ) until you meet the ticket booth to fish market, pay 1500 rupiah - turn left - turn right go straight until you meet BNI bank on your right side - u turn - you will find the grey building beside BNI bank.

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission

Saturday, August 23, 2014

Carlo de Huts

Carlo de Huts is located in Senayan City, which is has indoor and outdoor area for smoking. This cafe interior design concept is European country house with wood attributes and European-style food menu. Carlo de Huts food portion is quite big, the food is the price range 50 K - 120 K. Special menus in here are pannekoek, dutch baby, steak and potato kumpir. Try their butter beer for this weekend hang out. They have 20% discount for Permata and BII card holder. Happy weekend !!

Here is the direction to Carlo de Huts :

Senayan City, L45 LG Floor Crystal Lagoon
Jl. Asia Afrika Lot.19
South Jakarta - Indonesia
Ph : +62-21-72781653
Open hours :
Sunday - Wednesday : 10.00-23.00
Thursday - Saturday : 10.00-24.00

*all photos courtesy by Febriani Djunaedi, please don't use without any permission